I8 mini Tws Audifonos Bluetooth 4.2

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I8 Tws Auricular Estéreo Mini Auricular Con Pod de Carga Auriculares Inalámbricos



1. CVC intelligent noise reduction: the use of a new generation of special customized composite film speakers to optimize the mid-high frequency of vocal concentration.

2. Durable battery life: 400 mAh charging battery capacity, 15 hours of listening time, 4-5 times of binaural battery life, 120 hours of standby life, to meet long-term battery life.

3. 5.0 Non-destructive noise reduction: Low-power Bluetooth 5 chip, the signal is more stable and the transmission is faster, let you enjoy wireless freedom.

4. NdFeB magnet horn: It adopts a 10mm neodymium iron boron horn. The magnetism is better than that of an ordinary Bluetooth earphone, which can bring a high fidelity audio experience.

5. Thin flap diaphragm: The nano-small molecular material diaphragm is thinner and has a stronger rebound strength, high pitch, medium midrange sweetness and low bass.


1. Summon Smart Siri: It's a breeze to talk to your personal assistant. Double-click on either side of the headset button to activate Siri. It also supports Android Smart Assistant.

2. No delay in sound: three-band equalization, low-pitched sound, high-pitched sound, natural original sound.

3. Wireless is divided into two: farewell to the cable binding, the ears can be separated, and the sub-headphones can be used by two people to connect different Bluetooth devices independently.


Model: i8mini

Transmission range: 10 meters (accessible open environment)

Bluetooth protocol: 5.0

Listening to songs in both ears: about 4 hours

Single earphone battery capacity: 45mAh

Headphone charging time: about 1 hour

Charging box charging time: about 1.5 hours

Sensitivity: -85dBm

Frequency response: 20-20000Hz

Power input: DC 5V

Impedance: 32¿

Headphone size: 46*7mm

Charging bin size: 60*48mm

Color: White

Package Included:

2 x earphone set

1 charging bin

1 x manual

1 USB cable

1 beautiful box

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